The Limestone Blues ….. and Greys


To the west of town is a large area of limestone called Kendal Fell. By 1767 the ancient forests that once covered it had all gone. The Fell had been overgrazed and quarried to build the stone houses that gave Kendal its nickname of the “Old Grey Town”. It had become a wasteland: “… no more than a hill full of rocks and stones”. So the area was enclosed to improve agriculture “for the benefit of the poor”, although, ironically, many commoners then lost most of their ancient rights to use it. 

Kendal Fell is now a Town Green with beautiful walks through woodlands and meadows, a great Golf Course, and magnificent panoramic views over our Town and the Lakeland Fells. It also supports a fascinating variety of animals and plants including rare butterflies and a diverse range of limestone loving plants  – some of which are present in this planter.  It’s no longer a landscape that gives us the blues – it’s a wildlife haven for all to enjoy.