Serpentine Woods

Serpentine Woods surround our base at Dog Kennel Wood. The wood is a special place for us and everyone who uses it and enjoys its tranquillity and woodland diversity. At the end of summer it’s looking a bit tired so we are busy cutting back overhanging vegetation and brambles from encroaching over the paths and clearing some of the mud that has Discussing where to put the bramblesaccumulated on the steps that’s made them them slippery. Its a hard job as the beech mast and leaves create a rich soil that tree roots like but underneath there’s a good surface of crushed limestone lurking.

clearing scrub around Dancing Green

The natural limestone features of Dancing Green had become totally lost to a thick layer of brambles, nettles and rampant saplings. Two days of cutting and then bagging has seen the rock re-appear. Everything was taken back to Dog kennel Wood and burnt. The smoke drifted up through the wood making some amazing sunlight effects. The next stop was the Fairy Well, despite two layers of a strong mortar mix last winter it was still leaking. Inches of mud and debris were cleaned out and another layer applied. The limestone of course does have natural fissures so it may never be possible to plug the leak. Anyway the dry spell was just the right time to try. Now we’ll wait to see whether the autumn rain fills the chamber or not.

Limestone emerging from the undergrowth

Limestone emerging from the undergrowth

There’s plenty more work still to be done so why not come and help? You’ll be very welcome!

Repair work on the Alphabet Trail, Spring 2015


Many weeks in every season we are busy in Serpentine Wood. The Alphabet Sculpture Trail has needed our specific help. Sadly the Pheasant/Peacock was badly fire damaged so we brought it back to Dog Kennel Wood to work out how best to restore it.

IMAG0697 IMAG0696

The charcoal had to be cleaned off and the whole ‘bird’ given a protective coat of linseed oil. Every week we  work with lads from  Sandgate School and they helped with the oiling and made a new log support for the tail.

Now the Pheasant/Peacock or should that be Phoenix is firmly anchored in concrete in its rightful place in the Alphabet Sculpture Trail.


Moving on to ‘T’ the tunnel has had to be completely reconstructed by Kendal Conservation Volunteers. The new design is curved, mainly made from woven ash with subtle notes of willow from Dog Kennel Wood Tree Nursery.