October 2016

4th October

Rebuild “T for Tunnel” in Serpentine Woods in more robust form. Clear loose branches and saplings in Dog Kennel Woods.

5th October

Cement in bench in Rosemary Lane, and clear undergrowth in Dog Kennel Woods.

11th October

Collect tree seeds for next year’s planting in the tree nursery.

12th October

Prepare poly-tunnel for wild-flower seed planting. Weed beds.

18th October

Wild-flower plug planting for CWT at Town Head, Grasmere.

19th October

Prepare/plant tree seeds. Strim paths and clear undergrowth.

25th October

At Dog Kennel Wood; remove ash saplings, clear undergrowth.

26th October

Maintenance at Dog Kennel Wood.

Unless otherwise stated, meet at Dog Kennel Wood at 9am for all activities.

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