Summer at Dog Kennel Wood

Our first open day


  • This was a great success and the sun shone. Many visitors had never made it into Dog Kennel Wood before and were intrigued to look around the ruins of the old dog kennel and enjoyed walking around the path that goes all round our site.
  • Young people were pleased to knock together bird boxes from kits the volunteers had specially prepared. The fun trail and quiz about all things woodland related certainly tested both adults and children.
  •  Everyone left having asked to be kept informed about future projects and some people want to join us on our conservation work days on Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout the year.

Himalayan Balsam Control along Cumbria’s Watercourses

Balsam can grow higher than 2 metres!

Balsam can grow higher than 2 metres!

This has been part of our conservation work for many a year.

  • This plant is an invasive species which left unchecked can shade out all other vegetation. It dies back to nothing in winter leaving riverbanks very vulnerable to harmful erosion.
  • That’s why KCV have once again been booked by the South Cumbria Rivers Trust to pull balsam in the watercourses.
  • Our designated areas include the Rothay valley and parts of the River Kent.
  •  We have been working on some stretches for several years now and we really do notice the difference but we need to keep going back over three seasons to be sure it’s been eradicated.
  • Balsam control is not back breaking and this annoying plant grows in some lovely places so why not consider joining us for a day before the pods start to pop and the battle will be lost for another year.
  • See our monthly programme for locations and dates.
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